How To Eliminate Your Mortgage


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The Strategy Called 'Property Options'

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities of life? Do you feel like you are completely at the mercy of the '9 to 5' grind. There is a way to escape the rat race, pay down the mortgage and live life the way you want. All around Australia, there are thousands of properties that can yield huge profits, without ever needing to pay a deposit, buy those properties, get a mortgage and still make a big profit. 

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Escaping The Mortgage Dilemma

A home mortgage generally takes an entire generation (or more) to pay off. In layman's terms, that is the entire upbringing time of your children being born, growing up, and moving out of home. Some people never pay off their mortgage. Have you ever thought about how much time, effort, money and LIFE you save by slashing huge chunks off your mortgage, much earlier than planned?

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How Worried Are You?

When life deals you a sh*t sandwich, it means that you have let things go too far. You can retire healthy and wealthy and avoid the disaster that 81% of retirees find themselves in.

It gets worse. Statistics show that 40% of working people are forced into retirement due to illness, injury, company up-sizing, company down-sizing, sickness, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.    

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The Sneaky Burger

If you want to get wealthy and retire early through property, then become a sneaky burger. McDonald's are one of the most successful property companies in the world.

They spend tens of thousands researching the best locations. Hungry Jacks spend NOTHING. They just build right next door. Find your McDonald's and retire early.

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Be Like The Jones'

It's a fact, 81% of retirees run out of money, 95% of people never achieve financial freedom, while 1,250,000 ordinary people became property millionaires.

How did they make it? They started with one simple question…"How do I do it". With the answer laid out for them, they could make their decisions.

How to Eliminate your Mortgage

In as Little as 2/3 Years!

How to Eliminate your Mortgage

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Are you worried you won't have enough Super to retire on?

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We got it right

It's a fact. 1,250,000 people became millionaires through property investing. They followed a simple yet very effective strategy. Here's how:

Look at your current financial wealth, include super, savings and assets. Divide that by the amount of years you have worked. Whatever the answer is, times that by the amount of years until your retirement. Add that answer to your net worth. This will be your net worth at retirement. If its less than $1.6 million, maybe you need to do something about that real soon.

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They got it wrong

It's a fact. Over 81% of people run out of money in retirement. They then need to sell the family home after spending all their savings and super.

40% of working people are forced into retirement before they are financially ready to retire. On the other hand, over 1.25 million people decided to act before it was too late. They followed a simple and effective strategy to build up their wealth. They acted before it was too late. They retired early, and financially free.

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The Property Bible

Download a free copy of The Property Bible below. Learn how to build a property portfolio and live a heavenly life!

Watch the video below.


How to Build a Property Portfolio and Live a Heavenly life

The Property Bible

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The Thermodynamics of Money

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Does Money Feel Out of Reach?

Can money sometimes feel out of reach? The harder you try, the harder it can seem. Is it possible that there is an easier way to keep money in your life and make wealth far more abundant in your life?

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Penny Pinching is No Fun!

Surely there must be more to life than pinching pennies. Sometimes it can feel like you have more month at the end of your money, than money at the end of your month. That has to change!

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Become a Money Magnet

Some people are Money Magnets. Where ever they go, they land a great deal and their investments rake in good money! It's because they follow the thermodynamic wealth principles.

Thermodynamics of Money

Most masters of money didn't actually come from wealthy families. So how did they do it? They all share the same 'first step' story to their success. They will all tell you that they read all the books they could get their hands on, about mastering their money. 

Most of them read book after book, because they knew 'money knowledge' is the first step.  

  • We've gone through volumes of books and videos and put it all together for you in one easy to follow training program: The Thermodynamics of Money

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I Hope You Lose Your Mind and Live a Passionate Life

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Subconscious Programs

We are biologically and neurologically programmed to be great. We become motivated by avoiding pain and gaining pleasure. Things that happen to us in our childhood affect the way we make decisions as adults.

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Habits of The Past

Our habits determine our future. Emotions from the past can rule your entire life. This is one of the biggest reasons why people give up on their dreams. But it is possible to break away from your past habits.

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Change Your Story

When you get your 'old story' out of the way, your life changes in an instant. Your story shape your beliefs. Your beliefs shape your values. Your values are your identity. Change the story and EVERYTHING shifts!

Mindset Mini Series

Do you believe that your negative thoughts have an adverse effect on your life? Is it possible that your parent's life limiting beliefs are now playing out in your life? 

Do you believe that if you can bypass your most predominant negative beliefs, that you could start to find your purpose and improve every aspect of your life, from health to wealth to relationships? 

  • The latest research into neuroplasticity, biology and quantum physics says "the moment you change your beliefs, your life changes immediately".  

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My husband and I have attended many talks. As soon as we heard Ray and his Think and Grow strategies, we made our minds up to follow his advice. Now we have investment properties in growth areas. We have a new business with Ray as an advisor and partner AND he saved us over $200,000 on one deal alone. 

My advice to anyone considering following Think and Grow, is to go for it. They know how to help you fund an amazing retirement.

Elvira GiannittoAdelaide, South Australia

We wanted a way to make money on a weekly basis. It was more about creating additional sources of ongoing income. We had heard Ray speak at the Melbourne Town Hall. His message was astounding. Since that first day, we have had weekly meetings, guidance, structure and so much more. 

Our earnings have reached over $1,347 per week and it's up, up and away from here. Are we excited? You bet. Listen to Ray. He knows what he's doing.

Chris & Phil RogersAdelaide, South Australia

I met Ray at his one-day workshop in Paramatta. My English is not very good. This was a big problem for me getting into property. Ray offered to put me into a team so that I could get all the help and support needed. He called me, educated me and helped me every time I needed it. 

I have signed a multi-storey development site in Casula. I am excited about my life ahead and I can say that Ray is always there when I need him.

Tony DoanSydney, New South Wales

Think and Grow Group has been significant in my life journey since 2015. Through participating in workshops, seminars, programs and being personally coached I have witnessed the Group evolve with grand momentum and am now fortunate to be a part of the group. This means having direct access to friendly and understanding, down-to-earth, coaches and mentors who are world-renowned in their fields. 

I am constantly encouraged by the quality and design of the programs offered to help people who are looking to improve their lives and fulfil their dreams with a view to achieving a wealthy, enjoyable retirement. All the programs offered are underpinned by a large range of videos, packed with interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking information. The Thermodynamics of Money has turned my finances completely around. You have all the tools to make a huge difference.  

Trudi Hislop
Adelaide, South Australia

I always had a passion to get into property. I had heard about Ray and his team, so I decided to make contact to see if there was something in this for me. Wow. I took loads of notes and put everything into action. 

I now have two property development deals under my belt. I've put $100 deposit down for each of these deals. I can subdivide one of them into 10 lots and the other into 6 lots. Not only that, Ray actually signed BOTH of these deals up for me. I had no idea how to do it, so he offered to be there with me every step of the way. 

To say Ray supports all of us, is a massive  understatement. Ray has thoroughly gone above and beyond for me. Best thing I have ever done.

Michael Kacarovski
Sydney, New South Wales

I met Ray 12 years ago and heard he was doing amazing things in property. 5 years ago I lost my money and my home, so I approached Ray for help. In only a few months, and with only $100 down, Ray got me into my first property. No money, no borrowing. Ray held my hand and supported me along the way. Today I own that property and have it rented out. I've subdivided the back yard off. I sold it and made $350,000.

Then I approached Ray again. I wanted to use what I had made in property, to buy a supermarket to generate cash. Fast forward to now, and I now own a grocery store in the bustling mining town of Kalgoorlie. Ray Behan is a genius in my books.

Kathy Smith
Perth, Western Australia

My name is Steve. About 5 years ago I done some of Ray's training. I wanted to try to get into a position to retire as early as I could. I done my first property transaction with Ray and made almost $40,000. Once I got the taste, I wanted more. 

Right now, I have just completed my first two-lot subdivision with a profit of almost $80,000. 

Ray is already on my case to do it again. I now have a great mentor, a great plan to retire from the '9 to 5' lifestyle. With Rays support and ongoing guidance, I am on track. The support from Rays team made all the difference".

Steve HopkinsPerth, Western Australia


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